About Us


This SmallTownGirl likes everything pretty and nice…like sugar and spice*  She tries to add sugary sweetness and that extra bit of spice to life.  This can be by either giving that someone special in your life a gift as extraordinary  as they deserve or hosting them a party that they will never forget.  It is all about making yourself or a friend feel loved and appreciated.  


If you want help and advice with kiddies parties, ideas for kids born before ’85 parties or a gift for either of the mentioned I am one social media option of your choice away.


I am a lover of life and constantly looking for inspiration through the smaller things in life.  For some life and travel stories as well as odd advice take a look at my blog.  Take a look at life through my eyes and prosper in the realisation of how normal is only a setting on a washing machine.  Together we can use our individual quirkiness to be the change that we want to see in this world.


Thank you for having a look around - enjoy your time spent in my virtual world*